You can save shape settings or color/line type/line width table settings in a template file, and use it to create a drawing, thereby utilizing settings frequently used.

A template file has the extension of .rpct, and the same structure as for ordinary drawing file (with the extension of .rpcd).

Normal template

The normal template is used as a base to create a new drawing without specifying a template. The file name is Normal.rpct, and it is automatically created when launching RootPro CAD. Usually the normal template is saved in the "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\RootPro\RootPro CAD Professional\X.X\Templates" folder. (X.X is a version number of RootPro CAD.)
You can also change the settings so that the template that is read when a new document is created is read from the specified template file instead of the standard template.

Creating template file

To create a template file, create a new normal drawing, modify the settings such as shape settings, color/line type/line width table settings and layer settings, and save it as a template file.

Creating new drawing from template

Creating a new drawing from a template reflects all contents of the template file to the new drawing.

Changing the template for a new documen

You can change the settings so that the template to be read when a new drawing is created is read from the specified template file instead of the standard template.

  1. Click [Options] on the [Tools] menu
    The Options dialog box is displayed.
  2. Click [File].
    [File] page will be displayed.
  3. In [Template of new document], specify the full path of the template file.

Modifying drawing template

In RootPro CAD Professional, you can modify the drawing template to another file after creating a drawing. Modifying the drawing template enables to import other settings such as default drawing settings and color/line type/line width table settings from another template.
To load these settings from the template modified, click [Load … from template] menu after selecting [Import/Export] for setting dialog boxes.

  1. Point [Template] on [File] menu, and click [Template Settings].
    [Template] dialog box will be displayed.
  2. Modify [Template filename].
    To specify the normal template, leave [Template filename] blank, or specify as Normal.rpct. In other cases, specify a full path to a template file.

Opening drawing template

When a drawing file is opened, the drawing template file will be automatically opened on the background, but Drawing Window for the template file will not be displayed. To display Drawing Window for the drawing template, click [Open Template …] of [File] menu.

Saving drawing template

When the drawing template file is opened on the background, it will be automatically saved when the drawing file is closed. To save the drawing template file at a desired timing, click [Save Template …] from [File] menu.

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