[Keyboard] Page on [Customize] Dialog Box

In [Keyboard] page on [Customize] dialog box, you can allocate short-cut keys to commands.

Select a command category. Commands within the selected category will be displayed in [Command] list.

Lists up commands belonging to the category selected in [Category] list.

[Current Key]
A short-cut key currently allocated to the command selected in [Command] list.

[Input New Short-cut Key]
Allocate a new short-cut key to the command selected in [Command] list. Press a key on the keyboard to which the command is to be allocated.

Click it after inputting a short-cut key in [Press New Shortcut Key] box to register the short-cut key.

Select and click a short-cut key in [Current Key] box to delete the selected short-cut key.

[Reset All]
Click it to delete all registered short-cut keys and to reset to the original status.

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