Setting Attribute to Shape

You can set any string to a shape created as an attribute.

  1. Select a shape to which an attribute is to be set on the drawing.
  2. Click [Attribute] on [Tools] menu.
    [Shape Attribute] dialog box will be displayed.
  3. Supplemental
    To input an attribute name or value, you can select it from attribute name/value candidates being used for shapes on the drawing.
    Select a string for an attribute name/value and click [Copy] to copy the selected string to the Windows Clipboard.
    Click [Copy All] to copy all attribute name/value strings to the Windows Clipboard with a tab delimiter. Turn on [Add Shape No.] check box to copy the shape number as well.
    For drawing components located on the drawing, a drawing value can be edited, but an attribute cannot be added/deleted, and an attribute name cannot be edited. To modify the definition of a drawing component attribute, modify it registered on Drawing Component Window.
  4. Click [Add].
    The attribute input space will be displayed in the Attribute List.
  5. Input any string to the input space for an attribute name/value.
  6. Supplemental
    To add more attributes, repeat Steps 3 and 4.
  7. Click [OK].
    The input string will be set as an attribute of the shape.
  8. Supplemental
    Selecting a shape to which an attribute is to be set, and clicking on [Attribute] box on Properties Window also displays [Shape attribute] dialog box.

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