RootPro CAD Help

The RootPro CAD is generic 2D CAD software for 2D designs.
The software has the following features.

Multi-layer management

It can bring multiple layers together to manage them as a layer group. It can also create a layer group in another layer group, making it enable to manage layers hierarchically.
Layer Group

Multiple sheets of paper can be created within a drawing

Shapes in actual dimensions created in a part drawing can be located in various scales on paper, thereby enabling them to be printed out in various layouts.
Paper, Part Drawing, and Part Drawing Layout

Part Drawing

Setting a scale in locating a part drawing, which is designed in actual dimensions on a part drawing, on paper enables managing drawings efficiently.
Paper, Part Drawing, and Part Drawing Layout

Simple parameter input in Command Window

It may be necessary to enter a number of parameters when executing a drawing or editing command. In the RootPro CAD Command Window, you can input not only numerical values but also any of arithmetic equations or input value factors, which enables executing a command combined with various parameters.
Command Window

Enriched dimensional functions

The functions include preparing continued dimension, baseline dimension, ordinate dimension, tolerance shape, and C chamfering dimensions, in addition to normal dimensions.

High compatibility with other CAD applications

The system can load a DWG or DXF file created in AutoCAD, as well as a JWC or JWW file created in JW_CAD.
RootPro CAD Professional can save the file as a DWG or DXF file for AutoCAD, or JWW file for JW_CAD.
Opening AutoCAD Drawing File (DWG/DXF)
Saving in AutoCAD File Format (DWG/DXF)
Saving in PDF File Format

Create add-ins and scripts with external APIs (for Professional version only)

Add-ins and scripts can be created using programming languages such as C# and Visual Basic that support the .NET Framework. By incorporating your own drawing commands and extension functions, you can build a comfortable drawing environment.
Developing Add-in
Creating Script

Automate your work with macro recording (for Professional version only)

To automate repetitive tasks, you can record macros for various actions and play them back. Macros are recorded as C# script code, so you can easily understand how the API works by checking the macro code.
Macro Recorder
Record a macro