RootPro CAD Help

The RootPro CAD is generic 2D CAD software for 2D designs.
The software has the following features.

Multi-layer management

It can bring multiple layers together to manage them as a layer group. It can also create a layer group in another layer group, making it enable to manage layers hierarchically.
Layer Group

Multiple sheets of paper can be created within a drawing

Shapes in actual dimensions created in a part drawing can be located in various scales on paper, thereby enabling them to be printed out in various layouts.
Paper, Part Drawing, and Part Drawing Layout

Part Drawing

Setting a scale in locating a part drawing, which is designed in actual dimensions on a part drawing, on paper enables managing drawings efficiently.
Paper, Part Drawing, and Part Drawing Layout

Simple parameter input in Command Window

It may be necessary to enter a number of parameters when executing a drawing or editing command. In the RootPro CAD Command Window, you can input not only numerical values but also any of arithmetic equations or input value factors, which enables executing a command combined with various parameters.
Command Window

Enriched dimensional functions

The functions include preparing continued dimension, baseline dimension, ordinate dimension, tolerance shape, and C chamfering dimensions, in addition to normal dimensions.

High compatibility with other CAD applications

The system can load a DWG or DXF file created in AutoCAD, as well as a JWC or JWW file created in JW_CAD. Moreover, RootPro CAD Professional can save the file as a DWG or DXF file for AutoCAD, or JWW file for JW_CAD.
Opening AutoCAD Drawing File (DWG/DXF)
Opening JW_CAD Drawing File (JWC/JWW)
Saving in AutoCAD File Format (DWG/DXF)

Customizing functions with external API (for Professional version only)

The software can be customized with various programming languages supporting .NET Framework, including C# and Visual Basic. Incorporating drawing commands or extension functions created establishes a comfortable drawing environment.