Upgrading Add-in Project in Ver. 9/Ver. 10/Ver. 11 Format to Ver. 12 Format

To use add-in projects created in RootPro CAD Ver. 9/Ver. 10/Ver. 11 in RootPro CAD Ver. 12, it is necessary to upgrade the projects with the following procedures.

For add-in projects newly created in Ver. 11, there is no need to upgrade; for add-in projects created in Ver. 9/Ver. 10 and projects upgraded from Ver. 10 or earlier to Ver. 11, upgrade according to the following procedure.

Add-ins for RootPro CAD Ver. 12 can be created with "Visual Studio 2022/2019/2017".
If you are using "Visual Studio 2013" or "Visual Studio 2015", please install "Visual Studio 2022".
Downloading "Visual Studio 2022"

  1. Start up RootPro CAD Professional, and click [Add-ins] - [Launch Visual Studio] menus.
    Visual Studio will start up.
  2. Click [File] - [Open project] menus in Visual Studio to select a solution file (.sln) for an add-in project.
  3. Click [Project] - [(ProjectName) property] menu to display the setting screen for the project.
  4. Modify [Target framework:] on [Apps:] to [.NET Framework 4.6.2], if it is not already set to [.NET Framework 4.6.2].
  5. Select [Start External Program] on [Debug], and click [...] on the right.
    [Select File] dialog box will be displayed.
  6. Select RootProCAD.exe in a folder RootPro CAD is installed, and click [Open].
    Normally, the path is "C:\Program Files\RootPro CAD 12 Professional\RootProCAD.exe".
  7. Click [File] - [Save All] menus.

Build of add-in projects

  1. Select [Build] - [Build Solution] menus.
    Build will be executed, and an add-in file (.dll) will be created.
  2. Select [Debug] - [Start debugging] menus.
    Professional will start up, so check that the add-in operates correctly.
Add-ins are only used in RootPro CAD Professional. RootPro CAD Free cannot use these functions.

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