Selecting Overlaid Shapes in Order

  1. In [Select Shape] page on [Options] dialog box, confirm that [Alt+click shape to select overlapped shapes] check box is turned on.
  2. While pressing Alt key on the keyboard, align of the cursor to overlaid shapes. An icon indicating overlaid multiple shapes will be displayed, and overlaid shapes will become selectable in order.
  3. Click on Drawing Window to switch the selection status of overlaid shapes.
    Each time you click on Drawing Window, selected shape will be toggled in order.
  4. When a desired shape becomes selected, press Enter key on the keyboard.
To cancel overlay of shapes, press Esc key on the keyboard.
When [Modify Mouse Pointer Shape If Cursor Is On Shape] check box in [Cursor] page on [Options] dialog box is turned on, the shape of the mouse pointer will be modified while it is moved on overlaid shapes.

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