Creating Polyline

Connecting specified point arrays creates a polyline.

  1. Point [Line] on [Shape] menu, and click [Polyline].
    Then you will be able to create a polyline.
  2. Supplemental
    You can enter into the polyline creating status by clicking on [Shape] toolbar.
  3. Click point arrays in order on the drawing.
    Each time you click a point array, a polyline will be created to connect the first and second point arrays, second and third point arrays, and so on.
  4. Supplemental
    You can specify a point array by inputting X and Y coordinates in [Point Array] box on Command Window.
    To input a relative position from the coordinate values last input as a point array, input coordinate values using [@X coordinate , (comma) Y coordinate] format in [Point Array] box on Command Window.
    To delete the last input point array, click on Command Window.
  5. Press Enter key on the keyboard, or click on the toolbar on Command Window.
    Specifying point arrays will be complete, and a polyline will be created.

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