Entering Coordinate Values with Snap

When inputting the end point for other shapes or intersection between shapes as coordinate parameters, it is useful to use the shape snap function. Using this function enables the cursor completely matching shapes, achieving easy selection of end points or intersections.
The types of shape snaps are: intersection, point, endpoint, center point, midpoint, quadrant, neighbor point, tangent point, perpendicular point, equally dividing point, horizontal and vertical lines, shape extension line, and shape perpendicular line.

Entering Coordinate Values with Shape Snap

  1. Click on the toolbar.
    Shape snap will be able to be executed.
  2. Supplemental
    Clicking [▼] of on the toolbar can also switch on/off for each shape snap type.
  3. Place the cursor on the point of the shape whose coordinates are to be used as coordinate parameters, and click it.
    Coordinate values for the point selected will be input as coordinate parameters.

Temporally switching the validity of snaps

Long press a short-cut key for the shape snap, angle snap or grid to toggle the validity for each snap temporally while the key is pressed.
For example, long-pressing F7 key on the keyboard when shape snap is valid make shape snap will become invalid, and when releasing the key, shape snap will become valid again.

The initial values for short-cut keys for snaps are: F7 key for shape snap, F8 key for angle snap, and F6 key for grid.

Temporally activating one type of snap only

When inputting coordinate values for coordinate parameters to execute [Drawing] or [Edit] command, right-click on Drawing Window, and point [Temporary Shape Snap] on the short-cut menu to select the type of snaps to be made valid temporally.
When selecting [Temporary Intersection], for example, only intersection snap will become valid temporally, while all other types of shape snaps will become invalid. The temporary setting for shape snap is valid only during the input of coordinate values one time. After inputting coordinates, the setting for the type of shape snap will be returned to the original.

You can specify a type of temporary shape snap by clicking [▼] of on the toolbar, and clicking a type of shape snap while pressing Shift key on the keyboard.

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