Simultaneously Modifying Statuses of Multiple Layers

The status of all layers other than selected ones ("Editable," "Show Only," "Invisible," "Hidden Layer," "Hidden Layer OFF") can be modified simultaneously.

  1. Right-click a layer or layer group i the layer tree.
    A short-cut menu will be displayed.
  2. Point [Other Layer], click any of [Editable], [Show Only], [Invisible], [Hidden Layer], and [Hidden Layer OFF].
    All layers other than selected ones will be changed to the selected status.
    When selecting a layer group, the statuses of all layers within the group will be changed.
  3. Supplemental
    The statuses of layers are displayed with an icon as shown below.
    : Editable, Hidden Layer OFF
    : Show Only
    : Invisible
    + gray-colored layer name: Hidden Layer
    You can also modify the statuses of layers simultaneously by right-clicking layer or layer groups in the layer list.

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