[Lead] Page on [Default Shape Settings] Dialog Box

On [Lead] page on [Default Shape Settings] dialog box, you can modify the following settings.
The modified settings will be displayed on the preview screen located at the bottom left of the dialog box.

Arrow and Line

[Arrow Type]
Set the arrow type for leads.

[Pointed Arrows (1, 6, 9, 11) Settings]
If you select the pointed arrows (1, 6, 9, 11) in the arrow type, click the [...] button next to it, and then click [Pointed Arrows (1, 6, 9, 11) Settings] Dialog Box is displayed, and you can set the direction and tip angle indicated by the arrow size for the arrow.

[Arrow Size]
Input an arrow size for leads.
When [Same as Character Height] is turned on, the size is the same as the character height.
If the arrow type is 1, 6, 9, or 11, the arrow size will be the direction set in the [Pointed Arrows (1, 6, 9, 11) Settings] Dialog Box on the start side.Arrows 8 and 10 are diagonal in size. Other than that, it is the height when facing horizontally.

[Line Color]
Set the color of lines.

[Line Type]
Set the type of lines.

[Line Width]
Set the width of lines.


[Font Name]
Set the font for texts for leads.

[Character Height]
Input a text height for leads.

When turned on, texts for leads will be made bold.

[Character Gradient]
Input an angle for a text gradient for leads.

[Character Width Ratio]
Input in percentage the scale against the current character width for leads to scale strings horizontally.

[Character Pitch]
Input a character interval for leads.

[Color of Text]
Turn it on to set a color of texts different from that of leads, and set a desired color.

Set the locate angle for texts for leads.

[Always Horizontal]: Always locates texts horizontally to X axis on the drawing.
[Any]: You can input any locate angle for texts. Input an angle in [Angle] box.
[Parallel to Last Lead]: Locate texts parallel to the last lead.

Set the locate position vertically for texts against leads.

[Top]: Locate texts at the top of leads.
[Center]: Locate texts so that leads pass through the center of texts.
[Bottom]: Locate texts at the bottom of leads.
[Top for 1st Line]: Locate 1st line texts at the top of leads. The 2nd and subsequent line texts are located at the bottom of leads.* It cannot be set together with [Any] in [Angle].

[Parallel Distance - Last Point]
Input a parallel distance from a point array last specified to the position where texts are to be located.

[Vertical Distance - Line]
Input a vertical distance from a point array last specified to the position where texts are to be located.

Turn it on to add a line with the length equal to the text length depending on the angle input in [Angle] box, thereby aligning the ends of leads and texts.
To extend the length of a line to be added to the bottom of the text, set the length in [Length of added line] box.
When selecting [Any] in [Angle] box, leads overlapped on texts will not be displayed.


[Lead Style]
Click and select a registered style to reflect the settings for the style.

Click it to register the set details as a style.

Click it to display [Style Settings] dialog box where you can edit the style.


[Load default lead settings from template]
Default lead settings for the template are loaded to the current settings.

[Load default lead settings from other drawings]
Default lead settings on other drawings currently opened are loaded to the current settings.

[Save default lead settings to template]
Current default lead settings are saved as default lead settings for the template.

Styles displayed in [Lead Style] list with an asterisk (*) are registered to the drawing template. Select a template style to copy the style to the drawing.

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