[Lead] Page on [Default Shape Settings] Dialog Box

On [Lead] page on [Default Shape Settings] dialog box, you can modify the following settings.
The modified settings will be displayed on the preview screen located at the bottom left of the dialog box.

Arrow and Line

[Arrow Type]
Set the arrow type for leads.

[Arrow Size]
Input an arrow size for leads.
The arrow size is considered as a height when orienting it horizontally (except for arrow type Nos. 8 and 10).

[Line Color]
Set the color of lines.

[Line Type]
Set the type of lines.

[Line Width]
Set the width of lines.


[Font Name]
Set the font for texts for leads.

[Character Height]
Input a text height for leads.

When turned on, texts for leads will be made bold.

[Character Gradient]
Input an angle for a text gradient for leads.

[Character Width Ratio]
Input in percentage the scale against the current character width for leads to scale strings horizontally.

[Character Pitch]
Input a character interval for leads.

[Color of Text]
Turn it on to set a color of texts different from that of leads, and set a desired color.

Set the locate angle for texts for leads.

[Always Horizontal]: Always locates texts horizontally to X axis on the drawing.
[Any]: You can input any locate angle for texts. Input an angle in [Angle] box.
[Parallel to Last Lead]: Locate texts parallel to the last lead.

Set the locate position vertically for texts against leads.

[Top]: Locate texts at the top of leads.
[Center]: Locate texts so that leads pass through the center of texts.
[Bottom]: Locate texts at the bottom of leads.
[Top for 1st Line]: Locate 1st line texts at the top of leads. The 2nd and subsequent line texts are located at the bottom of leads.* It cannot be set together with [Any] in [Angle].

[Parallel Distance - Last Point]
Input a parallel distance from a point array last specified to the position where texts are to be located.

[Vertical Distance - Line]
Input a vertical distance from a point array last specified to the position where texts are to be located.

Turn it on to add a line with the length equal to the text length depending on the angle input in [Angle] box, thereby aligning the ends of leads and texts.
To extend the length of a line to be added to the bottom of the text, set the length in [Length of added line] box.
When selecting [Any] in [Angle] box, leads overlapped on texts will not be displayed.


[Lead Style]
Click and select a registered style to reflect the settings for the style.

Click it to register the set details as a style.

Click it to display [Style Settings] dialog box where you can edit the style.


[Load default lead settings from template]
Default lead settings for the template are loaded to the current settings.

[Load default lead settings from other drawings]
Default lead settings on other drawings currently opened are loaded to the current settings.

[Save default lead settings to template]
Current default lead settings are saved as default lead settings for the template.

Styles displayed in [Lead Style] list with an asterisk (*) are registered to the drawing template. Select a template style to copy the style to the drawing.

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