Displaying Layer List

The layer list displays all layers in a drawing in a list. In the layer list, you can display shapes located on layers in thumbnails, or modify the area of thumbnail displays.
It is also possible to create and delete of layers and layer groups, as well as executing short-cut menu commands, just like the layer tree.

  1. Click [Layer List] on [View].
    The layer list will be displayed on Drawing Window.
  2. To list the layers in a layer group
    Click for [Layer Group] box, and then click a layer group to be listed, or double click the layer group name in the layer list.

    To return to the upper tier layer list
    Click for [Layer Group] box and click the upper tier layer group, or click on the toolbar of the layer list.

    To close the layer list
    Right-click [Layer List] from part drawing switching tabs on top of Drawing Window, and click [Close] on the short-cut menu.

    Clicking on the toolbar of the layer tree also displays the layer list.

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