Line Type Table

In RootPro CAD, one drawing file has one line type table. Line types are defined by "Line Type Name," "Line Part Pitch (Length)," "Interval Pitch (Length)," and "Total Pitches." The line type table manages setting values defined for line types. Line types from 1 to 15 are used for "Standard Line Type" whose line type names and pitch factors are fixed and cannot be modified, while those without numbers are "User Defined Line Type" whose line type names, pitch factors, and pitch numbers can be freely modified.

RootPro CAD determine pitches by multiplying "pitch factor" by "Constant d." You can specify "Constant d" as a line width for the shape, or as one fixed value throughout the drawing.

Shapes can be displayed with line types managed by the line type table. Line types of "Standard Line Type" cannot be modified, but modifying a line type of "User Defined Line Type" also changes the line type used in shapes.

Modifying line type in line type tables

  1. Click [Line Type Table] on [Settings] menu.
    [Line Type Table] dialog box will be displayed.
  2. Modify the setting for "User Defined Line Type."

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