[Multiline Text] Dialog Box

On [Multiline Text] dialog box, you can input texts, leads or balloon texts, or modify settings. You can input multiline texts by inserting a line feed.

Modify Settings

You can modify settings for texts by using settings located on the top of the [Multiline Text] dialog box.

[Font Style]
Set a font style.

Set a text height.

[Character Height]
Input a text height.

[Locate Base Point]
Set a point in texts to be used as a locate base point.

Click it to display [Shape Setting] dialog box or [Default Shape Settings].

For texts for shapes to be created, default shape settings will be modified. For texts for shapes already created, the settings for this shape will be modified.
Click [OK] to modify the item settings. Click [Cancel] to remain the original settings.

Click it to display the list of texts previously input. Select a text to be input to insert the text into the cursor position on [Multiline Text] box.

[Line Feed With Ctrl + Enter]
Turn it on to provide a line feed when pressing Ctrl + Enter keys. Turn it off to provide a line feed by pressing Enter key.

Dragging the window frame of [Multiline Text] dialog box enables modifying the window size. Next time [Multiline Text] dialog box is displayed, it will be displayed at the same position with the same size.

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