Customizing Toolbars and Keyboard Operations

In RootPro CAD Professional, you can modify the buttons displayed on toolbars or menu bars, and assign a short-cut key to a desired command on [Customize] dialog box.
Click [Customize] on [Tools] menu to display [Customize] dialog box.

On [Customize] dialog box, [Toolbar], [Menu], [Command], [CommandToolbar], [Keyboard], and [Mouse Gesture] tabs are displayed. Click any of these tabs to display the corresponding page, where you can customize settings.

Right-click any button on the toolbar or menu bar while [Customize] dialog box is displayed to display a short-cut menu for modifying the display of the button.
Also, drag any button on the toolbar or menu bar to move it to other toolbar or menu bar. Dragging a button to a place other than the toolbar or menu bar deletes the button.

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