[Command Toolbar] Page on [Customize] Dialog Box

In [Command Toolbar] page on [Customize] dialog box, you can set associations between commands and toolbars that displayed during executing commands.


Display a list of command toolbar.
If you select a toolbar in the [Toolbars] list, the status of the association between that toolbar and the command is displayed in the [Commands] list.

You can create a new command toolbar of your own. Click on it to open the Toolbar dialog box, enter a name, and click OK.

You can remove the selected command toolbar by selecting and clicking on your own command toolbar in the Toolbars list.

You can rename the command toolbar that you have created. Select the command toolbar you created in the Toolbars list and click on it to open the Toolbars dialog box, rename it, and click OK.

Selecting and clicking on the default toolbar in the Toolbars list restores the button placement for that toolbar to its original state.


Displays the status of the association between the selected toolbar and the command in the Toolbars list.
If the [Command] checkbox is checked, the corresponding toolbar will be displayed when the command is executed.

Restores the default settings for the association of commands with the selected toolbar in the Toolbars list.

[Reset All]
Restores all toolbar and command association settings to their original state.

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