Loading Drawing Component from Template or Other Drawing

You can load a drawing component registered to the template or other drawings.

  1. Select the template or other drawings in [Drawing] box on Drawing Component Window.
    Drawing components registered to the template or other drawings will be displayed on the List of Drawing Components.
  2. Right-click a drawing component to be loaded to the current drawing in List of Drawing Components.
    A short-cut menu will be displayed.
  3. Click [Save] in the current drawing].
    A message dialog box to save the component will be displayed. Click [Yes] to save it, or [No] not to save it. When clicking [Yes], the selected drawing component will be saved to the current drawing.
  4. Supplemental
    When a drawing component under the same name is already registered to the current drawing, "A drawing component with the same name already exists. Do you want to overwrite?" message dialog box will be displayed. To overwrite the drawing component on the current drawing, click [Overwrite], and to save the component under a different name, click [Save as].

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