Command Window

Command Window displays a type of drawing to be executed as well as parameter information for [Edit] command.
When executing a [Drawing] or [Edit] command from a menu or toolbar, command parameters will be displayed on Command Window. After all parameters are input, a selected command will be executed.
Parameters displayed differ depending on the command to be executed.

To display Command Window, click [Command Window] on [View] menu.

Command Box
Click the on the right side, the command used in the past will be displayed. Select a command you want to execute again.

Input parameters.

Click it to exit without executing the command.

Click it to set an input parameter. When input of one parameter is finished, the next parameter will be automatically selected.

Select a parameter and click it to clear the value for the selected parameter.

Deletes coordinate values last input.

Click to filter selected shapes.
Auxiliary Input
Clicking a button executes an auxiliary input command for the coordinate parameter, length parameter, or angle parameter depending on the parameter being selected.
Clicking a button modifies the parameter input setting.

Parameter Name
A parameter name to be input by [Drawing] or [Edit] command is displayed.

Parameter Value
Input a parameter value here. A parameter value can be directly entered, or input using an arithmetic equation.

Parameter Details
The details and roles of the parameter being selected are displayed.

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