Measuring Area

The following 3 methods can be used to measure an area.

To display a command parameter to be executed, click / of command parameters, or press Tab key or / key on the keyboard.

  1. Click [Measure Area] on [Tools] menu.
  2. Specify a target whose area is to be measured.
    Specifying a target displays the measured area and the centroid coordinates in [Measurement Results] dialog box.
    When specifying a point array
    Switch the parameter on Command Window to [Point Array] box, click 3 or more point arrays in order on the drawing, and press Enter on the keyboard, or click on the toolbar on Command Window.
    The area of a polygon having a vertex at a specified point array will be measured.
    When specifying a shape
    Switch the parameter on Command Window to [Shape] box, and click a shape (a circle, ellipse, or a polyline of a polygon) whose area is to be measured.
    The area of the clicked shape will be measured.
    When specifying an inner point
    Switch the parameter on Command Window to [Inner Point] box, and click an inner point in the area whose area is to be measured.
    Input a value from 100 to 50000 in [Divided number of curve] box. When a curve in included in the area, the number is used to explode the curve to lines.
    The area of the minimum closed range enclosing the clicked position will be measured.
  3. Copy
    Click it to copy the measurement results to the Windows Clipboard.
    Area coefficient
    Click to specify the coefficient to be applied to the area of the measured result.
    Click to specify the number of decimal places displayed.

  4. Click [Close].
    [Measurement Results] will be closed.
The unit for measurement results can be modified in [Drawing Settings] dialog box.
You can specify a point array by inputting X and Y coordinates in [Point Array] box on Command Window.
When specifying a polyline of a polygon, an open polyline or self-intersected polyline cannot be specified.
In the [Drawing Settings] dialog box, increasing the [Area search tolerance] makes it easier to find the area whose area you want to measure.
You can also enter a value for the coefficient directly in the [Area coefficient] box, in addition to selecting it from the list.

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