RootPro CAD has various commands to create and edit shapes.

When selecting a [Drawing] or [Edit] command from a menu or toolbar, command parameters will be displayed on Command Window. Command parameters are necessary to execute commands.
For example, when selecting [Line] command, [Start Point] and [End Point] parameters will be displayed on Command Window.

To execute the command, it is necessary to input all parameters. The order of inputting parameters is not specified. After all parameters are entered, a selected command will be executed.
When executing [Line] command, for instance, a line will be created when input of both [Start Point] and [End Point] parameters is complete. You can enter either [Start Point] or [End Point] parameter first.

Some commands have multiple parameters, or those combined in various patterns. When there are multiple parameters, / is displayed on the left and right sides of the parameter. Clicking / or pressing Tab, Left Arrow or Right Arrow key on the keyboard switches parameters.
When executing [Circle] command, for example, you must first enter [Center Point], and then input any of [Through Point], [Radius], [Diameter] to create a circle.

You can modify the key operation for switching parameters in [Input] page on [Options] dialog box.

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