[Line Width Table] Dialog Box

On [Line Type Table] dialog box, you can modify the following settings.

[Line Width List]
Displays standard line widths from Nos. 1 to 9, and user-defined line widths from Nos. 10 to 15.
The * mark is displayed at the beginning of the line of the line width used in the drawing.

Select a user-defined line width from Nos. 10 to 15, modify the line width in [Line Width] box, and click to modify the user-defined line width.
You cannot click this button when selecting a standard line width from Nos. 1 to 9.


[Load line width table from template]
The line width table of the template are loaded to current settings.

[Load line width table from other drawings]
A line width table of other drawing currently opened are loaded to the current settings.

[Save line width table to template]
Current settings are saved in the line width table of the template.

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