Modifying General Shape Settings

You can modify settings for already created shapes. You can select multiple shapes and modify their settings all at once.
Shapes selectable as general shapes are lines, polylines, infinite lines, rays, circles, arcs, ellipses, elliptical arcs and B-Splines.

  1. Point [Modify Shape Settings] on [Edit] menu, and click [Modify General Shape Settings].
  2. Supplemental
    You can modify general shape settings by clicking on [Edit] toolbar, or double-clicking a general shape already created.
  3. Select a shape whose setting(s) are to be modified.
    [Shape Setting] dialog box will be displayed.
  4. Supplemental
    When selecting a shape other than general shapes, [Shape Setting] dialog box will not be displayed.
  5. Modify general shape setting(s).
    The modified setting(s) will be displayed on the preview screen located at the bottom left of the dialog box.
  6. Supplemental
    Click on [General Shape Style] box, and select a registered style to reflect the settings for the style.
    Click [Load default general shape settings from template] menu on [Import/Export] to load default settings for the general shape on the template to current settings.
    Click [Load default general shape settings from other drawings] menu on [Import/Export] to load default settings for a general shape on other drawing currently opened to current settings.
    Settings for [Shape Setting] dialog box are the same as [Default Shape Settings].
  7. Click [OK].
    The selected general shape setting(s) will be modified.
  8. Supplemental
    When selecting multiple general shapes with different settings, individual settings will become an unspecified status. Set individual settings and click [OK] button to modify settings for all selected general shapes. Click [OK] button without setting, the original settings for individual shapes will be retained.

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