[Shape Attribute] and [Drawing Component Attribute] Dialog Boxes

On [Shape Attribute] and [Drawing Component Attribute] dialog boxes, you can modify the following settings.

[Attribute List]
Attributes set will be displayed as a list.

An input space for a new attribute will be added to the Attribute List.

Select and click an attribute in the Attribute List to delete it.

Select and click an attribute name/value string to copy it to the Windows Clipboard.

[Copy All]
All attribute name/value strings will be copied to the Windows Clipboard with a tab delimiter.

[Add Shape No.]
Turn it on to also copy shape number when executing [Copy All].

[Input attribute when drawing items are located.]
Turn it on to display [Drawing Component Attribute] dialog box when locating a drawing component, where you can edit attribute values. You cannot add or delete an attribute, or edit an attribute name.


[Input attribute when drawing items are located] check box is only displayed on [Drawing Component Attribute] dialog box.

To input an attribute name or value, you can select it from attribute name or value candidates being used for shapes on the drawing.
When an attribute is set to multiple shapes, an asterisk (*) will be added to the top of the attribute name. 
For drawing components located on the drawing, a drawing value can be edited, but an attribute cannot be added/deleted, and an attribute name cannot be edited. To modify the definition of a drawing component attribute, modify it registered on Drawing Component Window.

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