[Menu] Page on [Customize] Dialog Box

On [Menu] page on [Customize] dialog box, you can switch a frame menu to be customized, or display a pop-up menu to be customized.

Frame Menu

[Menu Type]
Select a frame menu to be customized. The menu bar while [Customize] dialog box is displayed will be switched to the selected frame menu.

Resets the display status of the frame menu selected in [Menu Type] to the original.

Pop-up Menu

[Pop-up Menu Type]
Select the pop-up menu to display Pop-up Menu Window. Drag a button on Pop-up Menu Window to enable modifying the position on the pop-up menu, or moving to another toolbar or menu bar.
You can also add a button to the pop-up menu by selecting a command in [Command] list on [Command] page, and dragging it to the pop-up menu.

Resets the display status of the pop-up menu selected in [Pop-up Menu Type] to the original.

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