Setting Selecting Conditions for Shapes

You can set selecting conditions to limit selectable shapes.
The following 7 conditions can be set: shape type, layer, part drawing, shape color, shape line type, shape line width, and shape attribute.

  1. Click [Selection Filters] on [Tools] menu.
    [Selection Filters] dialog box will be displayed.
  2. Turn on [Activate Selection Filters] check box.
  3. Supplemental
    You can also change the validity for condition selection by clicking .
  4. Switch to [Shape], [Layer], [Part Drawing], [Color], [Line Type], [Line Width] or [Attribute] tab, and turn on the check box for an item to be specified as a selected condition.
    Then you can select only shapes applicable to the checked condition.
  5. Supplemental
    Only attributes for shapes located on the drawing are displayed on [Color], [Line Type], [Line Width], and [Attribute] tabs.
    Click [Select All] to turn on all check boxes. Click [Clear] to turn off all check boxes.
  6. Click [OK].
    The shape selecting condition will be set.

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