Stretching Shape

Moves the vertex of shape(s) included in the specified area.
Shapes that can be stretched are lines, polylines, rays, arcs, B-Splines, leads, balloons, linear dimensions, parallel dimensions, radius dimensions, diameter dimensions, and hatches.

  1. Click [Stretch] on [Edit] menu.
    Then you will be able to stretch a shape.
  2. Supplemental
    You can enter into the shape stretching status by clicking on [Edit] toolbar.
  3. Click the diagonal points on the drawing to include the vertex to stretch.
    The vertex in the area enclosed with the diagonal points will be the target for stretching.
  4. Supplemental
    When the entire shape is included in the selected area, the entire shape will be moved.
  5. Click the base point for stretching on the drawing.
  6. Click a position where the vertex targeted for stretching is located.
    The vertex of the shape will be moved to the clicked position.
You can specify the base point and locate point by inputting X and Y coordinates in [Base Point] and [Locate Point] boxes on Command Window.
You can also stretch shapes using the selection tracker.

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