[SXF Drawing Attribute] Dialog Box

On [SXF Drawing Attribute] dialog box, you can modify the following settings. This dialog box is displayed when exporting an SXF file, if [Check Drawing Attribute] on [SXF File Settings - Export] dialog box is turned on.

[Project name], [Construction name], [Contract type], [Title], [Drawing Number], [Total], [Drawing Type], [Scale], [Contractor], [Owner]
Input desired strings or numeric values in each item. Input in [Total] can be omitted.

[Drawing Date] [Year] [Month] [Day]
Specify the date of creating a drawing in the Western calendar.

[Update RootPro CAD drawing properties]
Turn it on to update the contents in [User Settings] dialog box displayed by selecting [File Properties] on [File] menu. For property names and values in [User Settings], see "File Properties" under "Saving in SXF Specification V3 Format" in "Saving in SXF File Format (SFC/P21)" of the Help.


* Select [Cancel] to cancel executing export.
* When converting drawing attributes is unnecessary, check that there is no property for SXF drawing attributes in [User Settings] on [File Properties], turn off [Check Drawing Attribute] on [SXF File Settings - Export] dialog box before executing export.

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