Registering Shape as Drawing Component

  1. Click [Add to Drawing Component Table] on [Edit] menu.
  2. Select a shape to be registered as a drawing component.
  3. Specify whether to convert selected shapes into a drawing component in [Convert source shape] box on Command Window.
    Convert into drawing component
    Deletes selected shapes and converts them into a drawing component.
    No Conversion
    Does not convert selected shapes into a drawing component, and remain them as they are.
  4. Click a base point for the drawing component on the drawing.
    The specified base point will be used as the base point for locating the drawing component.
  5. Supplemental
    You can specify the base point by inputting X and Y coordinates in [Base Point] box on Command Window.
  6. Input a name of the drawing component in [Name] box on Command Window.
    The selected shapes will be registered as a drawing component, which will be displayed on List of Drawing Components Window.
The layer name and layer line type being used when registering a drawing component will also be registered as attributes for the drawing component.
You cannot use a drawing component name already registered.
Drawing groups and images (bmp, jpg, etc.) cannot be registered as drawing components.

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