Modifying Display Format for Layer List

  1. From [View] menu, click [Layer List].
    The layer list will be displayed on Drawing Window.
  2. Supplemental
    Clicking on the toolbar of the layer tree also displays the layer list.
  3. Click [View] on the toolbar.
    Every time you click [View], the display format for the layer list will be switched from [Details] → [Thumbnails] → [Stretch View].
    Displays the layer list in a list format. It displays the name, status, status of hidden layers, color, line type, line width, printing status, and the number of shapes of layers.
    Displays the layer list in a thumbnail format. The thumbnail format displays all shapes located on layers. Thumbnails in a layer group displays all shapes located in all layers in the layer group.
    [Stretch View]
    Displays shapes located in the layer selected in the thumbnail list on the bottom in a zoomed-up format. When multiple layers are selected, multiple combined shapes will be displayed.

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