Trimming Specified Area in Shape

Trimming means deleting unnecessary areas of a shape. Area trimming can delete a specified rectangle.
Shapes a part of which can be trimmed are lines, polylines, circles, arcs, ellipses, elliptical arcs and B-Splines.

  1. Point [Trim] on [Edit] menu, and click [Trim Rectangle].
    Then you will be able to trim a rectangle in the shape.
  2. Supplemental
    You can enter into the rectangle trimming status by clicking on [Edit] toolbar.
  3. Click the start point of a rectangle on the drawing.
  4. Click the end point of the rectangle on the drawing.
    The specified rectangle will be deleted.
You can specify the area start point and area end point by inputting X and Y coordinates in [Area Start Point] and [Area End Point] boxes on Command Window.