Editing Texts in Shape

Edit a text in a specified shape.
Shapes where texts can be edited are texts, leads, and balloons.

  1. Click [Edit Text] on [Edit] menu.
    Then you will be able to edit texts.
  2. Supplemental
    You can enter into the text editing status by clicking on [Edit] toolbar.
    In the case of a text shape, you can also edit the text by double-clicking the already created character.
  3. Click a shape where a text is to be edited.

When setting to input text directly from the drawing screen

  1. The text editing window is displayed on the drawing window
  2. Edit the text in the text edit window and click outside the text edit window
    The edited character is confirmed.
  3. Supplemental
    You can insert a previously entered string from the History menu in the Text dialog box or from the History menu in the text edit window's right-click menu.
    If you want to delete the history, click [Delete Parameter History] on the [Input] page of the [Options] dialog box.

    You can change the window behavior with the shortcut menu that appears when you right-click in the text editing window.

    Ctrl + Enter to break line
    If it is on, press Ctrl + Enter to start a new line and press Enter to finish editing.
    If off, press Enter to start a new line and Ctrl + Enter to end editing.

    Cancel with ESC key
    If this is on, press ESC to discard your edits and finish editing.
    If it is off, press the ESC key to reflect the edited contents and finish editing.

    Rotate text box
    If it is on, the text edit window will rotate if the text is rotated.

When setting to display and edit the [Text] dialog box

  1. [Multiline Text] dialog box will be displayed.
  2. Edit texts in [Multiline Text] dialog box, and click [OK].
    The edited texts will be entered.
On the [Input] page of the [Options] dialog box, you can change whether the text is entered directly in the drawing window or in the [Text] dialog box.

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