Copying Snapshot Image of Drawing to Clipboard

In RootPro CAD Professional, you can specify any rectangle on the drawing, and copy a bitmap image of the specified rectangle to the Windows Clipboard.

  1. Click [Snapshot] on [Tools] menu.
    Then you will be able to specify a rectangle for a snapshot image.
  2. Click the start point of a rectangle on the drawing.
  3. Click the end point of the rectangle on the drawing.
    A bitmap image for the specified rectangle will be copied to the Windows Clipboard.
You can specify the area start point and area end point by inputting X and Y coordinates in [Area Start Point] and [Area End Point] boxes on Command Window.
The size of a bitmap image to be copied to the Clipboard will be the display size when specifying the second point of the rectangle.
The background color of paper/part drawing when executing the Snapshot command will be used as the background color of a bitmap image.