Temporarily Hiding Shape on Layer

Turn a layer into a hidden layer temporally hides shapes belonging to the layer while maintaining the layer status ("Editable," "Show Only," "Invisible").

  1. Right-click a layer or layer group to be turned into a "Hidden Layer" in the layer tree.
    A short-cut menu will be displayed.
  2. Click [Hidden Layer].
    will be added to [Hidden Layer], and shapes located on the layer will be temporally hidden.
    When a layer group is turned into a "Hidden Layer" status, all shapes located on all layers in the layer group will be temporally hidden as well.
  3. Supplemental
    Select [Hidden Layer] in the short-cut menu again to remove and display shapes belonging to the layer.
    Shapes belonging to the current layer are displayed even in the "Hidden Layer" status.
    You can change to the "Hidden Layer" status by right-clicking the layer/layer group in the layer list, and clicking [Hidden Layer] on the short-cut menu.
    The "Hidden Layer" status can be turned ON/OFF by turning ON/OFF [Hide] check box in the layer list.

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