Software Product License for RootPro CAD Professional


RootPro Co., Ltd. (hereafter called "RootPro") establishes a software product license agreement (hereafter called the "Agreement") regarding "RootPro CAD Professional" (hereafter called the "Software") provided with this Agreement to users.
Please read the following contents carefully, and agree to them before using the Software. By downloading the Software or completing its installation, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of the following provisions.

Article 1. Product Licensing

  1. The software may be installed and used on up to 2 PCs used by the user. You cannot run or use the software at the same time with a single license.
  2. For corporate users, only one user assigned by the license administrator may use the Software.
  3. You shall not, or not enable any third party to, modify, alter, reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the Software.
  4. Commercial use aiming to exclusively subcontract drawing (data) convert using the Software without permission from RootPro is prohibited.
  5. Moreover, copy, renting/leasing, distribution, transfer, sublicensing, or resale of the Software is also prohibited.
  6. When using the software in a virtual environment, you may use it within the scope of the License Agreement in this Article. The software cannot be shared and used by multiple users.
     (*Please contact us for the network license that limits the number of activating PCs within the network.)

Article 2. Copyright

  1. The copyright of the Software is solely owned by RootPro.
  2. Using font outlines to infringe on the rights of the font creator is prohibited.
  3. The use of drawings, images, parts, or other content created by others that infringes on the rights of the creator of the content is prohibited.

Article 3. Limitation of Warranty

  1. In no event will RootPro or its agency be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages arising from the use of the Software in any way.
  2. In no event will RootPro or its agency be liable for any dispute between a user and any third party arising from or related to the use of the Software in any way.
  3. When any bug, error, or omission is found in the Software, RootPro will try to modify it to the extent possible. Note that, however, it does not guarantee a successful modification.
  4. When any bug, error, or omission is found in the Software, RootPro will perform a version upgrading to modify it at its sole discretion.
  5. RootPro or its agency assumes that the selection, installation, and use of software including the Software by users to obtain their desired results, as well as the results are solely attributable to users.
  6.  The security functions are provided to the Software, but they do not guarantee security protection.

Article 4. Support

  1. RootPro will support the Software for 1 year from the licensing date.
  2. Support is only provided by answering inquiries sent as emails from the RootPro website.
    (For details of support, see the RootPro website.)
  3. In no event will RootPro or its agency be liable for any result from a user's distribution of add-ins or scripts created by using the API function, as well as support to distributees. Users shall bear responsibility and related costs for such distribution and support.

Article 5. Others

When the contents of the Software differ from publicized, announced, or notified ones, the contents of the Software will be prioritized.

Article 6. Term

  1. The Agreement will become effective when a user downloads the Software, or click the mouse button on the "Agree" button displayed when installing the Software together with provisions of the Agreement.
  2. RootPro can terminate the Agreement immediately when a user violates any provision in the Agreement.
  3. A user can terminate the Agreement by disposing of or deleting the Software.