Cutting and Copying Part of Shape

You can cut a part of a shape, and rotate, scale, or copy the part.
Shapes a part of which can be cut and copied are lines, polylines, circles, arcs, ellipses, elliptical arcs and B-Splines.

  1. Point [Copy] on [Edit] menu, and click [Cut & Copy].
    Then you will be able to cut and copy a part of a shape.
  2. Supplemental
    You can enter into the shape cutting and copying status by clicking on [Edit] toolbar.
  3. Click the start and end points of a rectangle on the drawing.
    The specified rectangle will be cut.
  4. Click the base point for cutting and copying on the drawing.
  5. Input scales for X and Y axes for the part drawing in [Scale] box on Command Window.
  6. Input a rotation angle in [Angle] box on Command Window.
  7. Click a position where a shape is to be cut & copied on the drawing.
    The cut shape will be copied to the clicked position.
You can specify the area start point, area end point, base point and locate point by inputting X and Y coordinates in [Area Start Point], [Area End Point], [Base Point], and [Locate Point] boxes on Command Window.
To input a relative position from the base point as the locate point, input coordinate values using [@X coordinate , (comma) Y coordinate] format in [Locate Point] box on Command Window.