Creating Circle Tangent to Three Shapes

Select three shapes located on the drawing to create a circle tangent to these shapes.
Selectable shapes are lines, polylines, infinite lines, rays, circles, arcs, ellipses, elliptical arcs and B-Splines.

  1. Point [Circle] on [Shape] menu, and click [3-Tangent Circle].
    Then you will be able to create a 3-tangent circle.
  2. Supplemental
    You can enter into the 3-tangent circle creating status by clicking on [Shape] toolbar.
  3. Click the first shape.
  4. Click the second shape.
  5. Click the third shape.
    Moving the cursor on the drawing displays a rubber band (temporally displayed shape) of a 3-tangent circle that can be created according to the cursor position.
  6. Click the position (select point) where a rubber band for 3-tangent circle to be created is displayed.
    A 3-tangent circle will be created at the position where the rubber band is displayed.
  7. Supplemental
    You can specify the select point by inputting X and Y coordinates in [Select Point] box on Command Window.

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