Debugging Add-in Project

Visual Studio, a development tool by Microsoft, has a debugging function (debugger) convenient for checking operation and modifying a program.
Using the debugging function enables to use various functions such as a pause of the program, one step execution which executes line by line, and checking or modifying variables.

Setting a breakpoint

Set a breakpoint to stop the program at a desired position.
Place the cursor on a position to stop the processing in the program, and click [Debug] - [Toggle Breakpoint] menus. You can set it by pressing F9 key.
Setting a breakpoint makes the line be highlighted in red.

Start debugging

Click [Debug] - [Start Debugging] menus to launch RootPro CAD, and start debugging. Pressing F5 key also starts debugging.
When an add-in is not imported in RootPro CAD, click [Add-ins] - [Add-in Manager] menus in RootPro CAD, select an add-in on [Add-in Manager] dialog box, and turn on [Import] check box.

When a build has not been executed, it will be automatically executed.
When an error is displayed on Output Window or Error List Window, there is a mistake in code descriptions. Review codes, and execute the build again.

Checking a variable value

When a process is executed to the set breakpoint, the processing will stop to the breakpoint line.
In this state, place the cursor on the variable name in the code, and the variable value will be displayed on the tool tip.

Continuing (restarting) processing

To restart the processing after the pause, click [Debug] - [Continue] menus. You can restart it by pressing F5 key.
To execute a process line by line, press [Debug] - [Step over] menus or F10 key.
To perform the above operation, you can check where a problem is or how the operation is being performed.

The debugger in Visual Studio has various functions. Try them by referring to Visual Studio Help.

Add-ins are only used in RootPro CAD Professional. RootPro CAD Free cannot use these functions.

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