Creating Rectangle

The following 2 methods can be used to create a rectangle.

To display a command parameter to be executed, click / of command parameters, or press Tab key or / key on the keyboard.

  1. Point [Polygon] on [Shape] menu, and click [Rectangle].
    Then you will be able to create a rectangle.
  2. Supplemental
    You can enter into the rectangle creating status by clicking on [Shape] toolbar.

When specifying diagonal point

  1. Switch the parameter on Command Window to [Diagonal Point 1] box, and click the first diagonal point on the drawing.
  2. Click the second diagonal point on the drawing.
    A rectangle connecting these angles will be created.

When specifying width, height and angle

  1. Input a width for a rectangle in [Width] box on Command Window.
  2. Input a height for a rectangle in [Height] box on Command Window..
  3. Input an angle in [Angle] box on Command Window.
    The locate angle for a rectangle to be created will be specified.
  4. In [Locate Base Point] box on Command Window, specify a position to be used for the locate base point.
  5. Click a position where a rectangle is to be located.

  6. A rectangle will be created at the clicked position according to the specified locate base point.
You can specify the diagonal points and locate point by inputting X and Y coordinates in [Diagonal Point 1], [Diagonal Point 2] and [Locate Point] boxes on Command Window.

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