Inputting a license for RootPro CAD Professional

After purchasing a license for RootPro CAD Professional, input your user ID and password according to the following procedures.

  1. Start up RootPro CAD Professional.
    [Input RootPro CAD 12 User ID and Password] dialog box will be displayed.
  2. Click [I have a User ID], and then click [Next].
  3. Input your user ID in single-byte characters in [User ID] box.
  4. Input your password in single-byte characters in [Password] box.
  5. Input your name in [Name] box.
  6. Input your company name in [Company] box.
    This field can be omitted.
  7. Click [Next].
    A message screen will be displayed, notifying that the entry of your user ID and password is complete.
  8. Supplemental
    When registering as an online user, click [Register Online Now].
  9. Click [Completed].
    RootPro CAD Professional will start up.