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RootPro.RootProCAD Namespace

RootPro.RootProCAD Namespace
Public classAngularDimensionShape
Indicates angular dimensions.
Public classApplication
Represents an application of RootPro CAD.
Public classApplicationEntryPoint
Represents an application of RootPro CAD.
Public classApplicationSettings
Represents option settings for RootPro CAD.
Public classArcDimensionShape
Represents the circular arc dimension.
Public classArcShape
Represents an arc.
Public classAttributeFilterDictionary
Represents a attribute filter dictionary.
Public classBalloonSettings
Indicates balloon setting.
Public classBalloonShape
Represents a balloon.
Public classBasicShape
Represents a general figure.
Public classBasicShapeSettings
Indicates the setting of general figure.
Public classBSplineCurveShape
Represents a B spline.
Public classCircleShape
Public classColorFilterDictionary
Represents a color filter dictionary.
Public classColorItem
Represents one color.
Public classColorItemCollection
This class represents a collection of colors.
Public classColorItemEventArgs
Provides data for ColorItem event.
Public classColorsChangedEventArgs
Provides data for ColorsChanged event of Document.
Public classCurrentDrawingChangedEventArgs
Provides data for the CurrentDrawingChanged event.
Public classCurrentLayerChangedEventArgs
CurrentLayerChanged Provides data for the event.
Public classCustomHatch
User defined hatch class
Public classCustomHatchCollection
User-defined hatch collection class
Public classCustomPropertyCollection
Represents a collection of user-defined properties of a file.
Public classDiameterDimensionShape
Represents the diameter dimension.
Public classDimensionSettings
Indicates the dimension setting.
Public classDimensionShape
Represents the base class of dimensions.
Public classDocument
RootPro Represents one drawing file open in CAD.
Public classDocumentBeforeSaveEventArgs
BeforeSave Provides data for the event.
Public classDocumentCollection
RootPro Represents a collection of drawings open in CAD.
Public classDocumentEventArgs
Provide data for Document event.
Public classDocumentPrintEventArgs
Provides data of the print event of Document.
Public classDrawComponentShape
Represents a drawing component.
Public classDrawGroupShape
Represents a drawing group.
Public classDrawGroupShapeItemCollection
Represents a collection of shapes in the drawing group.
Public classDrawing
Represents paper or partial drawing.
Public classDrawingChangedEventArgs
Provides data for the DrawingChanged event.
Public classDrawingCollection
Represents a collection of partial drawings.
Public classDrawingDeletingEventArgs
Provides data for the DrawingDeleting event of Document.
Public classDrawingEventArgs
Drawing Provides event data.
Public classDrawingFilterDictionary
Represents a drawing filter dictionary.
Public classDxfLoadConverterSettings
DXF / DWG file reading setting.
Public classDxfSaveConverterSettings
DXF / DWG file export setting.
Public classEditingMasterDrawComponent
Represents the drawing part definition being edited.
Public classEllipseArcShape
Represents an elliptical arc.
Public classEllipseShape
Represents an ellipse.
Public classGridSettings
Public classHalfInfiniteLineShape
Represents a semi-infinite line.
Public classHatchInnerRegionShapeCollection
Represents a collection of outlined area graphics in hatching.
Public classHatchSettings
Indicates hatching setting.
Public classHatchShape
Represents hatching.
Public classImageShape
Represents an image.
Public classInfiniteLineShape
Represents an infinite line.
Public classJwLoadConverterSettings
Jw Indicates file read setting.
Public classJwSaveConverterSettings
Jw Represents the file export setting.
Public classLayer
Represents a layer or layer group.
Public classLayerChangedEventArgs
Provide data for the LayerChanged event.
Public classLayerCollection
Represents a collection of layers.
Public classLayerDeletingEventArgs
Provide data for the LayerDeleting event.
Public classLayerEventArgs
Provide data for Layer event.
Public classLayerFilterDictionary
Represents a layer filter dictionary.
Public classLayerTable
Represents all layers in the document.
Public classLayout
Represents a layout.
Public classLayoutChangedEventArgs
Provides data for the LayoutChanged event of Document.
Public classLayoutCollection
Represents a collection of layouts.
Public classLayoutDeletingEventArgs
Provides data for the LayoutDeleting event of Document.
Public classLayoutEventArgs
Provide data for the Layout event.
Public classLeadSettings
Indicates setting of leader line.
Public classLeadShape
Represents a leader line.
Public classLinearDimensionShape
Represents the length dimension.
Public classLineShape
It represents the line.
Public classLinetypeFilterDictionary
Represents a line type filter dictionary.
Public classLinetypeItem
Represents one line type.
Public classLinetypeItemCollection
It is a collection of line types.
Public classLinetypeItemDeletingEventArgs
Provides data for the Document's LinetypeItemDeleting event.
Public classLinetypeItemEventArgs
LinetypeItem Provides event data.
Public classLinetypesChangedEventArgs
Provides data for the LinetypesChanged event of Document.
Public classLinewidthFilterDictionary
Represents a line width filter dictionary.
Public classLinewidthItem
Represents one line width.
Public classLinewidthItemCollection
This is a collection of line widths.
Public classLinewidthItemEventArgs
LinewidthItem Provides event data.
Public classLinewidthsChangedEventArgs
Provides data for the LinewidthsChanged event of Document.
Public classMasterDrawComponent
Represents a drawing component definition.
Public classMasterDrawComponentCollection
Represents a collection of drawing component definitions.
Public classMasterDrawComponentDeletingEventArgs
MasterDrawComponentDeleting Provides data for the event.
Public classMasterDrawComponentEventArgs
Provides data for the MasterDrawComponent event.
Public classMasterDrawComponentShapeItemCollection
Represents a collection of shapes in the drawing component definition.
Public classOleObjectShape
Represents an OLE object.
Public classPaper
Represents paper.
Public classParallelDimensionShape
Represents parallel dimension.
Public classPart
Represents a partial drawing.
Public classPdfSaveConverterSettings
Represents the PDF file export setting.
Public classPointMarkerSettings
Indicates the point mark setting.
Public classPointMarkerShape
Represents a point mark.
Public classPolylineShape
Represents a continuous line.
Public classPrintSettings
Represents the print setting of the drawing.
Public classRadiusDimensionShape
Represents the radial dimension.
Public classRegionShape
Represents a region.
Public classRegionShapeItemCollection
Represents a collection of shapes in the region.
Public classSelectedShapeCollection
Represents a collection of selected objects.
Public classSelectionChangedEventArgs
Provides data for the SelectionChanged event.
Public classSelectionFilter
Represents an object that manages selection filter.
Public classSelectionGroup
Represents a single selected shape group.
Public classSelectionGroupCollection
Represents a collection of selected geometry groups.
Public classSelectionManager
Represents an object that manages selected shapes.
Public classShape
Represents a figure.
Public classShapeAttribute
This is a class that represents the attributes of a figure.
Public classShapeAttributeCollection
This class represents an attribute collection of shapes.
Public classShapeCollection
Represents a graphics collection.
Public classShapeEventArgs
Shape Provides event data.
Public classShapeFactory
Represents a method that creates an instance of each shape class.
Public classShapePrintingEventArgs
Provides ShapePrinting event data.
Public classShapeSettings
Represents the figure setting.
Public classShapeSettingsEventArgs
ShapeSettings Provides event data.
Public classShapeSettingsStyle
Represents the style of shape setting.
Public classShapeSettingsStyleCollection
Represents a style collection of shape settings.
Public classShapeSettingsStyleDeletingEventArgs
ShapeSettingsStyleDeleting Provides data for the event.
Public classShapeSettingsStyleEventArgs
ShapeSettingsStyle Provides data for the event.
Public classSummaryInfo
Represents the properties of a file.
Public classSxfLoadConverterSettings
Indicates SXF file reading setting.
Public classSxfSaveConverterSettings
Represents the export setting of SXF file.
Public classTextSettings
Represents character setting.
Public classTextShape
Public classToleranceShape
It represents geometric tolerance.
Public classUndoManager
Represents an object that manages UNDO / REDO.
Public structureCustomProperty
Represents a user-defined property of a file.
Public structureSelectedShape
Represents one selected shape.
Public interfaceIEntryPoint
Public delegateColorItemEventHandler
Represents a method that handles events of ColorItem.
Public delegateColorsChangedEventHandler
Represents a method that handles ColorsChanged event in Document.
Public delegateCurrentDrawingChangedEventHandler
Represents a method that handles the Document's CurrentDrawingChanged event.
Public delegateCurrentLayerChangedEventHandler
Represents a method that handles the Layer 's CurrentLayerChanged event.
Public delegateDocumentBeforeSaveEventHandler
Represents a method that handles BeforeSave event of Document.
Public delegateDocumentEventHandler
Represents the method that handles the Document event.
Public delegateDocumentPrintEventHandler
Represents the method that handles the printing event of Document.
Public delegateDrawingChangedEventHandler
Represents a method that handles the DrawingChanged event of Document.
Public delegateDrawingDeletingEventHandler
Represents the method that handles the DrawingDeleting event of Document.
Public delegateDrawingEventHandler
Represents a method that handles event of drawing.
Public delegateLayerChangedEventHandler
Represents a method that handles Layer's LayerChanged event.
Public delegateLayerDeletingEventHandler
Represents a method that handles Layer's LayerDeleting event.
Public delegateLayerEventHandler
Represents a method that handles Layer events.
Public delegateLayoutChangedEventHandler
Represents a method that handles the LayoutChanged event of Document.
Public delegateLayoutDeletingEventHandler
Represents a method that handles the LayoutDeleting event of Document.
Public delegateLayoutEventHandler
Represents a method that handles events of Layout.
Public delegateLinetypeItemDeletingEventHandler
Represents the method that handles the LinetypeItemDeleting event of Document.
Public delegateLinetypeItemEventHandler
Represents a method that handles events of LinetypeItem.
Public delegateLinetypesChangedEventHandler
Represents a method that handles the LinetypesChanged event of Document.
Public delegateLinewidthItemEventHandler
Represents a method for handling events of LinewidthItem.
Public delegateLinewidthsChangedEventHandler
Represents a method that handles the LinewidthsChanged event of Document.
Public delegateMasterDrawComponentDeletingEventHandler
Represents the method that handles the MasterDrawComponentDeleting event.
Public delegateMasterDrawComponentEventHandler
Represents a method that handles events of MasterDrawComponent.
Public delegateSelectionChangedEventHandler
Represents the method that handles SelectionChanged event of SelectionManager.
Public delegateShapeEventHandler
Represents a method that handles events of Shape.
Public delegateShapePrintingEventHandler
Represents a method that handles the ShapePrinting event of Document.
Public delegateShapeSettingsEventHandler
Represents a method that handles events of ShapeSettings.
Public delegateShapeSettingsStyleDeletingEventHandler
Represents a method that handles the ShapeSettingsStyleDeleting event of Document.
Public delegateShapeSettingsStyleEventHandler
Represents the method that handles events of ShapeSettingsStyle.
Public enumerationAlignment
placement reference position type
Public enumerationAngleUnitFormatType
Angular numerical expression type
Public enumerationAngularSnapMode
Mode of angle snapping
Public enumerationArcDimensionProjectionLineRadialMode
radial mode of auxiliary line of arc dimension
Public enumerationArcSymbolPositionType
arc length long symbol arrangement type
Public enumerationArrowType
Arrow type
Public enumerationBalloonType
Balloon type
Public enumerationDimensionArrowPosition
Dimension arrow position
Public enumerationDimensionSeparateTextType
3D value delimiter character type
Public enumerationDimensionTextHorizontalPosition
dimension value horizontal position type
Public enumerationDimensionTextPositionAngleType
Dimension Value Arrangement Angle Type
Public enumerationDimensionTextPositionFreeMode
dimension value free arrangement mode
Public enumerationDimensionTextStepType
Additional String Stage Type
Public enumerationDimensionTextVerticalPosition
Dimension Value Vertical Position Type
Public enumerationDimensionToleranceType
Tolerance display type
Public enumerationDrawingConvertMode
How to convert paper and partial drawings when exporting to DXF / DWG file
Public enumerationDxfFileVersion
Data format of DXF / DWG file
Public enumerationFileFormat
Represents the file format of the drawing file.
Public enumerationGestureMode
Mode of mouse gesture
Public enumerationGridSnapMode
mode of grid snap
Public enumerationGridType
Represents the display type of the grid.
Public enumerationHatchPatternType
pattern type
Public enumerationHatchType
hatching type
Public enumerationImageFileFormat
Image file format
Public enumerationLayoutOriginMode
Reference of layout origin of partial drawing layout when reading DXF / DWG file
Public enumerationLeadTextAngleType
Leader character placement angle type
Public enumerationLeadTextVerticalPosition
Vertical position type
Public enumerationLengthUnitFormatType
Length Numeric notation type
Public enumerationLineCapMode
Indicates the line end display mode.
Public enumerationLineDisplayMode
Indicates the line display mode.
Public enumerationLineJoinMode
Indicates the display mode of the corner of the line.
Public enumerationLinetypeScalingMode
Represents the scale mode of line pitch length.
Public enumerationNotSettledArrowPositionMode
Processing mode when dimension values and arrows do not fit on dimension line (inside)
Public enumerationNudgeMode
Movement mode when moving selection figure with arrow key
Public enumerationOffsetMode
Represents the offset mode of printing.
Public enumerationPaperTabViewMode
Current part drawing when switching to paper tab
Public enumerationPaperType
Indicates the type of paper size.
Public enumerationPdfDrawingConvertMode
Conversion mode of paper or partial figure when converting to PDF
Public enumerationPdfPermissionFlags
Operation permission (print, edit, copy) mode. This enumeration can be specified by combining multiple values.
Public enumerationPointMarkerType
point mark type
Public enumerationPrintRange
Represents the printing range.
Public enumerationPrintScaleMode
It represents the mode of enlargement / reduction of printing.
Public enumerationProjectionLineMode
How to specify the dimension extension line length
Public enumerationSelectionCombineMode
Mode when selecting shapes
Public enumerationSelectionTypes
How to select shapes. This enumeration can be specified by combining multiple values.
Public enumerationShapeSnapTypes
figure snap type This enumeration can be specified by combining multiple values.
Public enumerationShapeState
Represents the state of a layer or subdiagram.
Public enumerationShapeTypeFilters
selectable figure type. This enumeration can be specified by combining multiple values.
Public enumerationSxfFileVersion
Data format of SXF file
Public enumerationTextHeightAdjustMode
Character height adjustment mode when converting DXF / DWG files
Public enumerationTextHorizontalArrangeType
character string horizontal arrangement type
Public enumerationTextVerticalArrangeType
String vertical placement type
Public enumerationWindowSelectionMode
mode indicating a figure recognition method