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ShapeTypeFilters Enumeration

selectable figure type. This enumeration can be specified by combining multiple values.

Namespace:  RootPro.RootProCAD
Assembly:  RootPro.RootProCAD.Library (in RootPro.RootProCAD.Library.dll) Version: (
public enum ShapeTypeFilters
  Member nameValueDescription
PointMarker1 Point
Line2 line
Polyline4 continuous line
Circle8 Circle
Arc16 arc
Ellipse32 Ellipse
EllipseArc64 Elliptical arc
BSplineCurve256 B spline
Text512 character
Infiniteline1024 infinite line
HalfInfiniteline2048 Semi-infinite line
BasicShapes3454 general figure
Lead8192 Leader
Balloon16384 Balloon
Hatch32768 hatching
LinearDimension131072 Length dimension
RadiusDimension262144 Radius dimension
DiameterDimension524288 diameter dimension
AngularDimension1048576 Angular dimensions
ArcDimension2097152 Arc dimension
ParallelDimension4194304 parallel dimension
Dimension8257536 Size
DrawGroup8388608 Construction group
DrawComponent16777216 Drafting parts
Image33554432 image
OleObject67108864 OLE object
Tolerance134217728 Geometric tolerance
Layout268435456 Layout
AllShapes268365183 All shapes
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