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Application Class

Represents an application of RootPro CAD.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  RootPro.RootProCAD
Assembly:  RootPro.RootProCAD.Library (in RootPro.RootProCAD.Library.dll) Version: (
public abstract class Application

The Application type exposes the following members.

Protected methodApplication
Initializes a new instance of the Application class
Public propertyActiveDocument
Get the active drawing.
Public propertyActiveDrawingView
Get the active paper or part view .
Public propertyActiveTabView
Get the active tab view.
Public propertyActiveWindow
Get the active window.
Public propertyAddInManager
Get the object that manages add-ins and scripts.
Public propertyCommandBar
Get the command window.
Public propertyCommandManager
Get the object that manages the command.
Public propertyDockingBars
Get a collection of docking windows.
Public propertyDocuments
Get the collection of documents.
Public propertyDrawComponentBar
Get the drawing component window.
Public propertyDrawingBar
Get the drawing tree window.
Public propertyDxfLoadConverterSettings
Get the DXF/DWG import setting.
Public propertyDxfSaveConverterSettings
Get the DXF/DWG export setting.
Public propertyFullScreen
Get or set a value that represents the full screen display status of the frame.
Public propertyGeometry
Get the object that manages the geometry calculation.
Public propertyJwLoadConverterSettings
Get the Jw import settings.
Public propertyJwSaveConverterSettings
Get the Jw export settings.
Public propertyLayerBar
Get the layer tree window.
Public propertyNumericTextConverter
Get the object to convert numeric value and character string.
Public propertyPdfSaveConverterSettings
Get the PDF export settings.
Public propertyProductVersion
Get version number of RootPro CAD.
Public propertyPropertiesBar
Get the properties window.
Public propertyScriptBar
Get the script window.
Public propertySearchBar
Get the search and replace window.
Public propertySettings
Get the option setting.
Public propertyShapeChamfer
Get the object that executes the chamfering of the shape.
Public propertyShapeFactory
Get an instance of the ShapeFactory class that generates geometry.
Public propertyShapeFillet
Get the object that executes filleting of the shape.
Public propertyShowDxfConverterSettingsDialog
Get or set whether to display the setting dialog box when executing DXF/DWG conversion.
Public propertyShowJwConverterSettingsDialog
Get or set whether to display the setting dialog box when executing Jw conversion.
Public propertyShowPdfConverterSettingsDialog
Get or set whether to display the setting dialog box when executing PDF conversion.
Public propertyShowSxfConverterSettingsDialog
Get or set whether to display the setting dialog box when executing SXF conversion.
Public propertyStatusBar
Get the status bar.
Public propertySxfLoadConverterSettings
Get the SXF import settings.
Public propertySxfSaveConverterSettings
Get the SXF export setting.
Public propertyToolBars
Get the collection of toolbars.
Public propertyViewControllerBar
Get the view controller window.
Public propertyViewerMode
Get or set the value that represents the viewer mode in full screen mode.
Public propertyWindowHandle
Get the window handle of RootPro CAD.
Public propertyWindows
Get the collection of windows.
Public methodEquals
Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object.
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Protected methodFinalize
Allows an object to try to free resources and perform other cleanup operations before it is reclaimed by garbage collection.
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Public methodGetHashCode
Serves as the default hash function.
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Public methodGetType
Gets the Type of the current instance.
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Protected methodMemberwiseClone
Creates a shallow copy of the current Object.
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Protected methodOnApplicationInitialized
Raise the ApplicationInitialized event.
Protected methodOnApplicationQuit
Raise the ApplicationQuit event.
Protected methodOnApplicationSettingsChanged
Raise the ApplicationSettingsChanged event.
Protected methodOnColorItemChanged
Raise the ColorItemChanged event.
Protected methodOnColorsChanged
Raise the ColorsChanged event.
Protected methodOnCommandBegin
Raise a Begin event.
Protected methodOnCommandDraw
Raise CommandDraw event.
Protected methodOnCommandEnd
Generate an event.
Protected methodOnCommandInitialized
Raise the CommandInitialized event.
Protected methodOnCommandMouseMove
Raise MouseMove event.
Protected methodOnCurrentDrawingChanged
Raise the CurrentDrawingChanged event.
Protected methodOnCurrentLayerChanged
Raise the CurrentLayerChanged event.
Protected methodOnCurrentShapeSettingsStyleChanged
Raises the CurrentShapeSettingsStyleChanged event.
Protected methodOnCustomHatchAdded
Raise CustomHatchAdded event.
Protected methodOnCustomHatchDeleting
Raise CustomHatchDeleting event.
Protected methodOnDockingBarFloated
Raise the DockingBarFloated event.
Protected methodOnDockingBarVisibleChanged
Raise the DockingBarVisibleChanged event.
Protected methodOnDocumentActivated
Raise the DocumentActivated event.
Protected methodOnDocumentAfterSave
Raise the DocumentAfterSave event.
Protected methodOnDocumentBeforeSave
Raise the DocumentBeforeSave event.
Protected methodOnDocumentBeginPrint
Raise the DocumentBeginPrint event.
Protected methodOnDocumentClosed
Raise the DocumentClosed event.
Protected methodOnDocumentEndPrint
Raise the DocumentEndPrint event.
Protected methodOnDocumentOpened
Raise the DocumentOpened event.
Protected methodOnDrawingAdded
Raise the DrawingAdded event.
Protected methodOnDrawingChanged
Raise the DrawingChanged event.
Protected methodOnDrawingDeleting
Raise the DrawingDeleting event.
Protected methodOnDrawingOrderChanged
Raise the DrawingOrderChanged event.
Protected methodOnDrawingViewDrawTemporary
Raise the DrawingViewDrawTemporary event.
Protected methodOnDrawingViewMouseDoubleClick
Raise the DrawingViewMouseDoubleClick event.
Protected methodOnDrawingViewMouseDown
Raise the DrawingViewMouseDown event.
Protected methodOnDrawingViewMouseLeave
Raise the DrawingViewMouseLeave event.
Protected methodOnDrawingViewMouseMove
Raise the DrawingViewMouseMove event.
Protected methodOnDrawingViewMouseUp
Raise the DrawingViewMouseUp event.
Protected methodOnDrawingViewMouseWheel
Raise the DrawingViewMouseWheel event.
Protected methodOnLayerAdded
Raise the LayerAdded event.
Protected methodOnLayerChanged
Raise the LayerChanged event.
Protected methodOnLayerDeleting
Raise the LayerDeleting event.
Protected methodOnLayerOrderChanged
Raise the LayerOrderChanged event.
Protected methodOnLayoutAdded
Raise the LayoutAdded event.
Protected methodOnLayoutChanged
Raise the LayoutChanged event.
Protected methodOnLayoutDeleting
Raise the LayoutDeleting event.
Protected methodOnLayoutOrderChanged
Raise the LayoutOrderChanged event.
Protected methodOnLinetypeItemAdded
Raise the LinetypeItemAdded event.
Protected methodOnLinetypeItemChanged
Raise the LinetypeItemChanged event.
Protected methodOnLinetypeItemDeleting
Raise the LinetypeItemDeleting event.
Protected methodOnLinetypesChanged
Raise the LinetypesChanged event.
Protected methodOnLinewidthItemChanged
Raise the LinewidthItemChanged event.
Protected methodOnLinewidthsChanged
Raise the LinewidthsChanged event.
Protected methodOnMasterDrawComponentAdded
Raise the MasterDrawComponentAdded event.
Protected methodOnMasterDrawComponentDeleting
Raise the MasterDrawComponentDeleting event.
Protected methodOnNewDocument
Raise the NewDocument event.
Protected methodOnPrintSettingsChanged
Raise the PrintSettingsChanged event.
Protected methodOnSelectionChanged
Raise the SelectionChanged event.
Protected methodOnShapeAdded
Raise the ShapeAdded event.
Protected methodOnShapeChanged
Raise the ShapeChanged event.
Protected methodOnShapeDelete
Raise the ShapeDelete event.
Protected methodOnShapeGrouped
Raise the ShapeGrouped event.
Protected methodOnShapePrinting
Raise the ShapePrinting event.
Protected methodOnShapeSettingsChanged
Raises the ShapeSettingsChanged event.
Protected methodOnShapeSettingsStyleAdded
Raises the ShapeSettingsStyleAdded event.
Protected methodOnShapeSettingsStyleChanged
Raise the ShapeSettingsStyleChanged event.
Protected methodOnShapeSettingsStyleDeleting
Raise the ShapeSettingsStyleDeleting event.
Protected methodOnShapeUngrouped
Raise the ShapeUngrouped event.
Protected methodOnSummaryInfoChanged
Raises the SummaryInfoChanged event.
Protected methodOnTabViewActivated
Raise the TabViewActivated event.
Protected methodOnWindowActivated
Raise the WindowActivated event.
Public methodQuit
Finish RootPro CAD.
Public methodToString
Returns a string that represents the current object.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public eventApplicationInitialized
Occurs when initializing the application.
Public eventApplicationQuit
Occurs when exiting the application.
Public eventApplicationSettingsChanged
Occurs when the application settings is changed.
Public eventColorItemChanged
Occurs when one color is changed.
Public eventColorsChanged
Occurs when the color table is changed.
Public eventCommandBegin
Occurs when starting the command.
Public eventCommandDraw
Occurs when drawing to paper or part drawing view during a command.
Public eventCommandEnd
Occurs when exiting the command.
Public eventCommandInitialized
Occurs when the command is initialized.
Public eventCommandMouseMove
Occurs when the mouse cursor moves over the paper or part drawing view during command.
Public eventCurrentDrawingChanged
Occurs when the current drawing is changed.
Public eventCurrentLayerChanged
Occurs when the current layer is changed.
Public eventCurrentShapeSettingsStyleChanged
Occurs when the current graphic setting style is changed.
Public eventCustomHatchAdded
It occurs when the user defined hatch is added.
Public eventCustomHatchDeleting
Occurs when the user defined hatch is deleted.
Public eventDockingBarFloated
Occurs when the docking window becomes floating.
Public eventDockingBarVisibleChanged
Occurs when the display state of the docking window changes.
Public eventDocumentActivated
Occurs when the active document is changed.
Public eventDocumentAfterSave
Occurs when the document is saved.
Public eventDocumentBeforeSave
Occurs before the document is saved.
Public eventDocumentBeginPrint
Occurs before the document is printed.
Public eventDocumentClosed
Occurs when the document is closed.
Public eventDocumentEndPrint
Occurs after the document is printed.
Public eventDocumentOpened
Occurs when the document is opened.
Public eventDrawingAdded
Occurs when paper or part drawing is added.
Public eventDrawingChanged
Occurs when paper or part drawing has been changed.
Public eventDrawingDeleting
Occurs when paper or part drawing is deleted.
Public eventDrawingOrderChanged
Occurs when paper or partial drawing order is changed.
Public eventDrawingViewDrawTemporary
Occurs when performing a temporary draw on the view.
Public eventDrawingViewMouseDoubleClick
Occurs when the drawing view is double clicked by the mouse.
Public eventDrawingViewMouseDown
Occurs when a mouse button is pressed in the drawing view.
Public eventDrawingViewMouseLeave
Occurs when the mouse pointer leaves the drawing view.
Public eventDrawingViewMouseMove
Occurs when the mouse pointer is moved over the drawing view.
Public eventDrawingViewMouseUp
Occurs when a mouse button is released in the drawing view.
Public eventDrawingViewMouseWheel
Occurs when the mouse wheel moves over the drawing view.
Public eventLayerAdded
Occurs when a layer is added.
Public eventLayerChanged
Occurs when the layer is changed.
Public eventLayerDeleting
Occurs when a layer is deleted.
Public eventLayerOrderChanged
Occurs when the layer order is changed.
Public eventLayoutAdded
Occurs when a layout is added.
Public eventLayoutChanged
Occurs when the layout is changed.
Public eventLayoutDeleting
Occurs when the layout is deleted.
Public eventLayoutOrderChanged
Occurs when layout order is changed.
Public eventLinetypeItemAdded
Occurs when line type is added.
Public eventLinetypeItemChanged
Occurs when one line type is changed.
Public eventLinetypeItemDeleting
Occurs when one line type is deleted.
Public eventLinetypesChanged
Occurs when the line type table is changed.
Public eventLinewidthItemChanged
Occurs when one line width is changed.
Public eventLinewidthsChanged
Occurs when the line width table is changed.
Public eventMasterDrawComponentAdded
Occurs when the definition of the drawing component is added.
Public eventMasterDrawComponentDeleting
Occurs when the definition of the drawing component is deleted.
Public eventNewDocument
Occurs when a new document is created.
Public eventPrintSettingsChanged
Occurs when the print settings is changed.
Public eventSelectionChanged
Occurs when the selection state of the shape is changed.
Public eventShapeAdded
Occurs when a shape is added.
Public eventCode exampleShapeChanged
Occurs when the shape is changed.
Public eventShapeDelete
Occurs when the shape is deleted.
Public eventShapeGrouped
Occurs when the shape is grouped.
Public eventShapePrinting
Occurs before a figure is printed.
Public eventShapeSettingsChanged
Occurs when the shape settings is changed.
Public eventShapeSettingsStyleAdded
Occurs when a shape settings style is added.
Public eventShapeSettingsStyleChanged
Occurs when the shape settings style is changed.
Public eventShapeSettingsStyleDeleting
Occurs when the shape settings style is deleted.
Public eventShapeUngrouped
Occurs when the shape is ungrouped.
Public eventSummaryInfoChanged
Occurs when the properties of a file is changed.
Public eventTabViewActivated
Occurs when the view in the active tab changes.
Public eventWindowActivated
Occurs when the active window is changed.
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