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ShapeSnapTypes Enumeration

figure snap type This enumeration can be specified by combining multiple values.

Namespace:  RootPro.RootProCAD
Assembly:  RootPro.RootProCAD.Library (in RootPro.RootProCAD.Library.dll) Version: (
public enum ShapeSnapTypes
  Member nameValueDescription
None0 None
NearPoint1 adjacent point
EndPoint2 endpoint
MiddlePoint4 middle point
IntersectionPoint8 intersection
CenterPoint16 Center point
QuadrantPoint32 quarter circle
Point64 Point
DivisionPoint128 dividing point
PerpendicularPoint256 ruled point
TangentPoint512 Contact
HorizontalVerticalLine1024 Horizontal vertical line
ExtendedLine2048 figure extension line
PerpendicularLine4096 figure vertical
All8191 all
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