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DxfSaveConverterSettings Properties

The DxfSaveConverterSettings type exposes the following members.

Public propertyConvertBlackToWhite
Get or set whether to convert black to white.
Public propertyDrawingConvertMode
Get or set conversion method of paper and partial drawing.
Public propertyDxfFileVersion
Get or set the data format of DXF / DWG file.
Public propertyExplodeDimension
Get or set whether or not to decompose dimensions.
Public propertyExplodeDrawComponentFeature
Get or set whether to decompose the drawing parts.
Public propertyHorizontalTextToTrueTypeFont
Get or set whether to use horizontal text as TrueType font.
Public propertyImageFileFormat
Get or set the save file format of the image.
Public propertyTextHeightAdjustMode
Get or set the character height adjustment mode.
Public propertyTextHeightScale
Get or set the adjustment ratio of character height.
Public propertyTextLocateAlignmentBaseline
Get or set whether to convert horizontal alignment character alignment to "left alignment", "center", or "right alignment".
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