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Document Properties

The Document type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAnglePrecision
Acquires or sets the accuracy of the angle (number of decimal places).
Public propertyAngleUnitFormatType
Get or set the notation type of angle.
Public propertyBalloonSettings
Get the default value of the balloon setting.
Public propertyBalloonSettingsStyles
Get a collection of balloon's configuration styles.
Public propertyBasicShapeSettings
Get the default value of general figure setting.
Public propertyBasicShapeSettingsStyles
Get a collection of setting styles for general shapes.
Public propertyColors
Get a collection of colors.
Public propertyCurrentBalloonStyleName
Get or set the current balloon setting style name.
Public propertyCurrentBasicShapeStyleName
Get or set the current general graphic setting style name.
Public propertyCurrentDimensionStyleName
Gets or sets the current dimension setting style name.
Public propertyCurrentDrawing
Gets or sets the current partial map.
Public propertyCurrentHatchStyleName
Gets or sets the current hatching style name.
Public propertyCurrentLayout
Get or set the current layout.
Public propertyCurrentLeadStyleName
Gets or sets the current leader setting style name.
Public propertyCurrentPointMarkerStyleName
Gets or sets the current dot mark setting style name.
Public propertyCurrentTextStyleName
Gets or sets the current character setting style name.
Public propertyCustomHatchs
Get a collection of user defined hatches.
Public propertyDimensionSettings
Gets the default value of dimension setting.
Public propertyDimensionSettingsStyles
Get the collection of dimension setting styles.
Public propertyDotSize
Gets or sets the size of point (dot).
Public propertyDrawings
Acquire a collection of partial drawings.
Public propertyDrawOrderMode
Get or set the draw order mode for shapes.
Public propertyFileFormat
Get the format of the file.
Public propertyFullName
Get the full path of the drawing file including the drive / folder name.
Public propertyHatchSettings
Get the default value of hatch setting.
Public propertyHatchSettingsStyles
Get a collection of hatching setting styles.
Public propertyLayerTable
Get LayerTable representing all layers in the drawing.
Public propertyLeadSettings
Get the default value of the setting of the leader line.
Public propertyLeadSettingsStyles
Get a collection of setting style of leader line.
Public propertyLengthPrecision
Acquires or sets the precision of the length (number of decimal places).
Public propertyLengthUnitFormatType
Get or set the notation type of length.
Public propertyLineCapMode
Get or set the line end display mode.
Public propertyLineJoinMode
Get or set the display mode of the corner of the line.
Public propertyLinetypes
Get the collection of linetypes.
Public propertyLinetypeScaleFactor
Get or set the scale of the line pitch length.
Public propertyLinetypeScalingMode
Get or set scale mode of line pitch length.
Public propertyLinewidths
Get a collection of line widths.
Public propertyMasterDrawComponents
We will get a collection of drawing component definitions.
Public propertyName
Get the name of the drawing.
Public propertyPaperLinetypeDisplayMode
Gets or sets the line pitch display mode of the paper.
Public propertyPaperLinewidthDisplayMode
Get or set line width display mode of paper.
Public propertyPartLinetypeDisplayMode
Get or set the line pitch display mode of the partial drawing.
Public propertyPartLinewidthDisplayMode
Get or set the line width display mode of the partial drawing.
Public propertyPointMarkerSettings
Acquires the default value of point mark setting.
Public propertyPointMarkerSettingsStyles
Acquires a collection of style mark setting styles.
Public propertyPrintSettings
Acquire printing settings.
Public propertyReadOnly
Get whether the file is read-only.
Public propertyRegionGapTolerance
Gets or sets a value that represents the tolerance for considering a shape that is not completely closed as a region.
Public propertyRegionSearcher
Get the object that searches for the region that surrounds the specified coordinates.
Public propertySaved
Retrieve whether there are any changes that have not been saved in the drawing.
Public propertySelectionFilter
Get the selection filter object.
Public propertySelectionManager
Get the object that manages the selected shape.
Public propertyShapeFactory
Get an instance of the ShapeFactory class that generates the default shape.
Public propertySummaryInfo
Get the properties of the file.
Public propertyTemplateDocument
Get the document of the template.
Public propertyTemplateFileName
Get or set the file name of the template.
Public propertyTextSettings
Get the default value of the character setting.
Public propertyTextSettingsStyles
Get a collection of style setting styles.
Public propertyUndoManager
Obtain an object that manages UNDO / REDO.
Public propertyVersion
Get the version number of the file.
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