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PrintSettings Properties

The PrintSettings type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDotSize
Gets or sets the size of point (dot).
Public propertyLandscape
Get or set whether the print orientation is landscape.
Public propertyLineScaling
Get or set whether line type / line width is also scaled.
Public propertyOffsetMode
Get or set the offset mode.
Public propertyOffsetX
Get or set the offset in X direction.
Public propertyOffsetY
Get or set offset in Y direction.
Public propertyPaperSizeKind
Get or set the paper size.
Public propertyPreferVisible
Get or set whether or not to prioritize the display state of layer / subdiagram.
Public propertyPrintBlackAndWhite
Get or set whether to print monochrome.
Public propertyPrinterName
Get or set the name of the printer.
Public propertyPrintLinewidth
Get or set whether to print the line width.
Public propertyPrintPointMarker
Get or set whether to print points.
Public propertyPrintRange
Get or set the print range.
Public propertyScale
Gets or sets the scaling factor.
Public propertyScaleMode
Gets or sets the scaling mode.
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