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BasicShape Properties

The BasicShape type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAttributes
Get the attribute collection.
(Inherited from Shape.)
Public propertyColor
Get or set the color.
Public propertyColorNumber
Get or set the color number.
Public propertyDocument
Acquire the document.
(Inherited from Shape.)
Public propertyDrawGroup
Acquire the parent's drawing group.
(Inherited from Shape.)
Public propertyDrawing
Acquire a partial diagram.
(Inherited from Shape.)
Public propertyEndParameter
Acquire the end parameter.
Public propertyIsComposite
Gets a value indicating whether it is a complex figure.
(Inherited from Shape.)
Public propertyIsPeriodic
Get a value indicating whether this shape is periodic.
Public propertyIsTemporary
Get a value indicating whether it is a temporary shape.
(Inherited from Shape.)
Public propertyLayer
Get or set the layer.
(Inherited from Shape.)
Public propertyLayerID
Get or set the ID of the layer.
(Inherited from Shape.)
Public propertyLinetype
Get or set the line type.
Public propertyLinetypeNumber
Acquires or sets the line type number.
Public propertyLinewidth
Get or set line width.
Public propertyLinewidthNumber
Get or set line width number.
Public propertyNumber
Acquires the figure number.
(Inherited from Shape.)
Public propertyPeriod
Acquires a periodic parameter section.
Public propertyRecordID
Get the record ID.
(Inherited from Shape.)
Public propertyStartParameter
Acquire the start parameter.
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