RootPro CAD

Powerful and free 2D CAD software for Windows 11, 10

RootPro CAD is 2D general-purpose CAD software that can create design drawings for various fields such as mechanical, architecture, civil engineering, and electronics. It can be used by many people such as design, construction, quality control, and drawing management.
It supports the AutoCAD file format and can be used as a converter and viewer for DXF/DWG files.
RootPro CAD has a free version that can be used for free and a professional version that can be used with subscription license. Please use it according to your needs.

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What's New in RootPro CAD 10

Dark mode

A dark mode based on black has been added to the window color scheme.

Mouse gesture

You can now execute mouse gestures or display the ring menu by holding down the right mouse button and dragging.

Full screen display

Added full screen display mode. You can maximize the drawing area by hiding the toolbar and docking window and maximizing the display.

In-Place text editor

When entering text, the editing window can be displayed on the drawing screen and input directly.

RootPro CAD features

New UI can concentrate on drawing

Docking windows, view controllers, etc., UI pursuing ease of use is adopted.

Auxiliary functions for drawing

Auxiliary functions for drawing speedily, such as user origin/snap/grid/selection filter, are also substantial.

Supports various shape types

In addition to basic geometric shapes, components, groups, dimensions, balloons, leads and hatches are available.

Various editing command

In the original command window, easy input of abundant parameters. Rich editing features such as trim, line adjustment, fillet, chamfer, stretch, attribute.

Multiple papers can be created in one drawing

You can arrange the actual figures on paper with different scales. Since you can create multiple papers, you can print in various layouts.

Multi-level management of layers

It can bring multiple layers together to manage them as a layer group. It can also create a layer group in another layer group, making it enable to manage layers hierarchically.

You can paste OLE objects of other applications (Pro)

You can paste a table created in Excel onto a drawing, or paste a figure created in RootPro CAD into another application.

Export DXF/DWG/PDF Files (Pro), Import DXF/DWG Files

Supports import and export of model space and paper space (layout). It supports the AutoCAD file format and can be used as a converter and viewer for DXF/DWG files.

Add-ins/scripts to extend CAD functions (Pro)

With add-ins/scripts, you can create your commands and automate complicated processing. You can also add your toolbars and windows to RootPro CAD and customize UI.

Deveop Add-ins/Scripts with C#/VB (Pro)

Add-ins can be developed with VB, C#, using Microsoft Visual Studio. You can also run the script by directly entering C# code from the RootPro CAD script window. See API Reference.

Customize toolbars/menus/docking windows (Pro)

You can change the button display on the toolbar or menu bar, or assign shortcut keys to any command.

Frequent updates

RootPro CAD becomes better every few months. We will enhance the product as much as possible.


Subscription plans

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Pro 1 month

US$18.49 24.99 / month

Pro 3 months

US$37.49 49.99 / 3 months

Pro 6 months

US$63.49 84.99 / 6 months

Pro 1 year

US$97.49 129.99 / 1 year

Pro 2 years

US$126.99 169.99 / 2 years

Sample Drawing File

This is a sample drawing file created with the editing commands of RootPro CAD. Download Sample File